My deepest gratitude to those who have shared their experiences in the Stressed Teens Programs. I am honored and humbled to have taught these amazing people, but more importantly by what I have LEARNED from these amazing people!

Warmly,  Gina Biegel

Testimonials from Teens Trained in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens Program (MBSR-T)



“This class was amazing. The subjects we talked about in this class made me feel as if a bus had hit me, allowing me to look at things in a totally different way. It allowed me to let go, think positive, and let me be free and comfortable with my disability. I can only see myself succeeding from this point.”

“I am a better thinker, a better friend, a better learner, and have allowed myself to care about the careless. I believe this class helped me to grow and that the different exercises I learned here will be with me for the rest of my life.”

“I learned to OPEN MY EYES and not spend so much time trying to escape the discomfort of life and stare my monsters in the eye. With this I can CHANGE situations for the better. Even if I cannot ease my struggles, I’ll have the strength to endure them and grow from the experience.”

“I learned how to deal with my stress differently, which helped me stop cutting. I know it was my choice to stop, but this class gave me tools to deal with stress instead of cutting.”

“I learned ways to manage stress and anger without having to be violent.”

“I learned to be mindful and appreciative of my surroundings. I also learned different ways to calm down to deal with stress.”

“I enjoyed uncovering my problems and learning ways to cope with them.”

“I feel that the coping skills I learned in this class are easy and effective enough to be used when I need them. I now feel at the very least, that I have the ability to reduce my stress to a certain degree.”

“It was a valuable experience and gave me more insight on ways to live a happier life. I really like the body scan and the idea of not living in the past or the future, but being mindful.”

“I am less judgmental, less stressed, happier with myself, more honest, more caring, and kinder after your class.”

“This class is amazing. It seems like everyday I come here I’m learning something new. The class really helped me grow as a young lady. Thanks for everything.”

“From this class I learned how to care about others even when I don’t think I care about myself. Before I started this class I was a troubled teen with many anger problems that I needed help with. Now I can use the tools learned to help control my anger.”

“As a result of this class I have been able to accept others as they are. Before, I used to judge others and only consider my own views. It seems as if I’ve matured as a person and have become more aware about the world around me.”

“My self-esteem has grown and I no longer beat myself down as much. I think more realistically and catch my mind when it wanders, especially in negative thoughts. I’m a lot more patient with people and put myself in their shoes. I’ve realized that I can accomplish anything.”

“Almost every time I get out of this class I feel proud and calm. I’m proud that I was able to be mindful and ‘live in the moment.’ I’m calm because my stress really does seem to disappear and I realize that all my worries are not such a big deal.”

“I have learned to stop dwelling in the past. The past is the past, it will never change. Thanks a lot.”

“I've gotten rested and more confident. If this was 8 weeks ago I wouldn't have talked to anybody”

“I learned ways to manage stress and anger without resulting in violence of any type.”