Be Mindful Card Deck for Teens


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The Be Mindful Card Deck for Teens can supplement the MBSR-T sessions.

If using the cards other than as part of the 8-session MBSR-T program, there is no right or wrong way to use them. A mindful instructor working with a teen individually can also choose a particular card that might be relevant to that teen’s issues, wants, and/or needs.

Teens can also use them by themselves, or with friends or family. They can choose a card at random or begin with the front of the deck and work their way through.

The deck offers three types of cards: PAWS, SelfCARE, and ACORN.

PAWS: Pay Attention With Senses

These cards are centered on developing foundational mindfulness skills. They focus on being mindful through paying attention to your senses in anything you do.

SelfCARE: Self-Compassion, Self-Acceptance, Self-Respect, Self-Esteem

These cards focus on being aware of and creating positive, beneficial, and healthy relationships with yourself and others.

ACORN: Always Consider Other Responses Now

These cards are about getting out of your mind and stuck thinking. Using them, you can learn new ways of thinking and responding to people, places, things, and situations.